Hurricane Ida Sweeps the Nation

Hurricane Ida Sweeps the Nation, Antioch Report

TL;DR: Ida falls short of Katrina in terms of damage and fatalities, but the Cat 4 storm still did significant damage along the Gulf Coast. Do you know what to say and think when disasters strike?  Ida made landfall earlier this week. Now that the storm has passed, the damage and destruction are fully apparent.  […]

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom Zoom, Antioch Report

TL;DR: Zoom sales are cooling down which means stock value is dropping. The company will still go down in history as maybe the only winner in the pandemic with 2020 growth near 400%. In the iconic words of the great Homer Simpson, “D’oh!” As Zoom’s sales slow, their stocks drop; is it the end of […]

Kanye’s Donda Album: Is It Christian Music?

Kanye's Donda Album: Is It Christian Music, The Antioch Report

TL; DR: Kanye West’s anticipated Donda (named after his late Mother) album released on August 29 after being delayed several times since July 24, 2020.  In 2019, Kanye West released an album titled Jesus is King, which turnt the whole Christian Gospel Music world, causing a lot of people who weren’t previously Kanye fans to crowd […]

Geopolitical Christianity

Geopolitical Christianity, Antioch Report

The United States finished its official military withdrawal from Afghanistan. The total removal of US troops comes 1 year, 6 months, and 1 day after the Doha Agreement was signed in February 2020. Our attempt at Antioch Report is to provide Christian insight on current events that you won’t receive anywhere else. If you’re interested in […]