Squid Game ≠ Playful Children’s Game

Squid Game ≠ Playful Children's Game, Antioch Report

“You are what you consume” takes on a whole new meaning in stream culture, and no, “Squid Game” is not an octopus eating contest. What is all the craze around the Korean produced Netflix series anyways?  Debt trapped gambling addict discovers a get-rich-quick opportunity right as he’s informed his daughter –of whom he no longer has […]

“It’s Been Quite a Week.” – Mark Zuckerberg

It's been quite a week, Antioch Report

On Monday, Facebook and Instagram (and WhatsApp for all you trendy travelers) experienced an outage which lasted about 6 hours. Coincidentally, and with no relation whatsoever, this was the exact time frame on Monday that 3.5 billion people motionlessly stared at their walls, unsure of what to do with themselves (except Twitter users, who were better than the rest […]