Haiti Ransom for 17 Missionaries is $17m

Haiti Ransom, Christian Aid Ministries Photo, Antioch Report

There are currently 17 people (16 people from the United States, one from Canada, including five children) being held for ransom in Haiti. 17 people, $17 million dollar ransom. It hurts to consider the situation they’re experiencing, exacerbated by the fact that the children are 8 months, 3 years, 6, 13, and 15.  It’s been […]

Piper Pipes Up, Both Sides of the Jab Explored

Piper Pipes Up, COVID, Antioch Report

Since no one seems to be talking about COVID vaccines anymore, we thought we’d take a jab at it. Thanks for subscribing everyone, it’s been great 👋.  But really, this topic is divisive, controversial, and highly-politicized. So let’s sort through the headlines, present opposing viewpoints, and bring it all back to what we hope is a […]

Facebook Into The Spiderverse

Facebook Enters the Spiderverse, Antioch Report

By this time next week, Facebook will change its name to keep in line with their branding identity and directional shift into the Spiderverse, um, I mean metaverse. Facebook wants to be relevant in 10 years, so it’s evolving. If you’re not familiar with web evolution, metaverse virtual spaces, and other semantic web words, think of […]