Gary Vee Drops a Metaverse

Gary Vee and Mark Zuckerberg Video, The Antioch Report

On November 11, Gary Vaynerchuk jumped on a video call with Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss all things Web 3 and Metaverse. “The atomic unit in the Metaverse is going to be about you and your stuff and your friends and your connection; you’re gonna have your avatar and your digital clothing and your […]

Jeff Bezos’ Rivian vs. Elon Musk’s Tesla

Rivian vs. Tesla, The Antioch Report

Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are always racing to popularize the next most successful thing.  Who will be the richest in the world? Who will win the NASA bid and the space race? Who will design a cooler EV? Who will name their child something more unique? Okay, Elon wins that with no close second. […]