Happy Veteran’s Day

Happy Veterans Day, The Antioch Report

Today marks the 83rd celebration of Veterans Day. We decided one of the best ways to honor all veterans is to take the time to learn and explain what Veterans Day means and share some lesser-known facts about the holiday.  Why celebrate? Veterans Day is a day to honor and thank the men and women […]

Election Roundup

Election Roundup, The Antioch Report

State and local elections this week caused upsets in key swing states, namely Virginia, where incumbent Governor Terry McAuliffe was ousted by Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin. This is the first time a Republican has won a state-wide election in Virginia since 2009.  Here’s a brief round-up of other election results from this past Tuesday.  New […]


Schooled, The Antioch Report

American’s are passing on the College experience, a new report finds. Enrollment rates are down for a second year in a row for a cumulative drop of 6.5% in enrollment since 2019. Many publications are attributing the drop to Covid, but deeper digging reveals that this downward trend has been in the making for a […]

Piper Pipes Up, Both Sides of the Jab Explored

Piper Pipes Up, COVID, Antioch Report

Since no one seems to be talking about COVID vaccines anymore, we thought we’d take a jab at it. Thanks for subscribing everyone, it’s been great 👋.  But really, this topic is divisive, controversial, and highly-politicized. So let’s sort through the headlines, present opposing viewpoints, and bring it all back to what we hope is a […]

A Tale of Two Cancels

A Tale of Two Cancels, Antioch Report

In the past week, two big-names in sports and entertainment had headlines named after them for politically incorrect and/or culturally insensitive statements.  A New York Times article published emails written by Raiders former head coach Jon Gruden. The emails contained derogatory, racist, sexist, and homophobic language.  Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special, ‘The Closer’ saw backlash from trans employees at […]

NY Gov Speech Calls on Apostles

NY’s new Governor, Kathy Hochul, gave a speech earlier this week encouraging residents of her state to get vaccinated. New York was one of the earliest to mandate vaccinations with workers in healthcare and education coming up on hard deadlines to either get vaxed or get to steppin. 

Checking the Checks ✅

Checking the Checks ✅

If you’d rather play charades with Jar Jar Binks than keep up with national news, we gotchyou. Here’s the biggest headlines and updates coming out of each branch of government.  Executive (Joe & Co.) Biden announced his 6-pronged strategy to combat the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic last Thursday. You can read the entire plan here. The scourge is […]

Toxic Tech

Toxic Tech, Antioch Report

The Wall Street Journal released an article detailing how Facebook-owned Instagram hid internal research on the damages of Social Media.  As this story breaks, it appears that FB executives gathered their own internal data on how teens and kids are negatively impacted by their product, yet chose not to release it and even denied it under oath at a congressional […]

It Was Always Going to Be Texas

It Was Always Going to Be Texas, The Antioch Report

By now you’ve heard that Texas passed the Heartbeat Act (SB 8) last week. This Act prohibits anyone from assisting in or performing an abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected.  Everything’s bigger in Texas, including the nearly 5,500 word count of the recently passed “Heartbeat Bill”. Abortion is a hotly debated topic both in and […]