What is CRT?

What is Critical Race Theory (CRT), The Antioch Report

Critical Race Theory is penetrating society and culture, and the church is no exception. Finding its origins in the mid-1970s, the ideology is now more prevalent than ever. This term Critical Race Theory (or CRT) has been thrown around quite a bit in the last 12 months, almost as if it was a brand new […]

Senate Fillibusted

Senate Fillibuster, The Antioch Report

“The United States Senate, designed to be the world’s greatest deliberative body, has been rendered a shell of its former self. . . I believe that the threat to our democracy is so grave that we must find a way to pass these voting rights bills.” President Biden Biden has shown a recent shift in […]

Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes

Mainstream tech unicorn startup news has been pretty wild the last few weeks as courts deliberated over former $9 billion Theranos. On January 3rd, former CEO Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty of multiple account of massive wire fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud. What is Theranos? Elizabeth Holmes was your typical college dropout turned tech […]

LinksDAO Aims to Buy an IRL Golf Course w/Crypto

LinksDAO, The Antioch Report

In a short 48 hours, a community of crypto investors called LinksDAO (decentralized autonomous organization) minted over $10mil worth of NFTs. Holders of the NFT will have an organizational voice as to where the in-real-life golf course is bought, and the way it is run. NFT owners also get perks to the course and in […]

Man Straps 66 lbs. of Dynamite to Tesla, Blows Up Car

Guy Blows Up a Tesla, The Antioch Report

We’ve all had the check engine light frustration. You’re driving down the freeway and the God-forsaken light illuminates on your dashboard. At that point you have two options. Either get it fixed, or ignore it until you can’t ignore it any longer. However, Tuomas Katainen discovered a third option and simply blew up his car […]

New Year, New Me

New Year's Eve, The Antioch Report

All over the world, a new Gregorian calendar year means new goals, new chapters, and new starts. Alongside the traditional “ball drop” in NYC come many different celebrations across the globe. Here are five you might not have known about. 1. In Russia, they observe 12 seconds of total silence leading up to the clock […]

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story, The Antioch Report

Christmas has become a worldwide holiday that many people, Christians and otherwise, celebrate around the 25th of December. What started this tradition, and in what way does it intersect with the Christian faith? Luke 2:4-19 is where all the “away in a manger” song variations come from. The virgin Mary was told to expect her […]

Tragedy Strikes Kentucky and the Midwest

Kentucky Tornado Outbreak, The Antioch Report

As many as 100 lives were lost to the tornado storms in the Midwest and South, leaving many families broken and in mourning. From collapsed distribution centers to family-owned businesses and homes being lifted from the ground, many across the country are devastated. Over 100 people are still missing. Natural disasters affect people across the […]

iRobot Meets Early Childhood Development

iRobot Meets Early Childhood Development, Moxie, The Antioch Report

“During an unprecedented time of remote learning and increased isolation due to the pandemic, Moxie helps children practice essential social skills at home.” – Embodied.com Because you’re dying to watch the video referred to in the intro to this newsletter, here. Moxie, shown in the GIF above, is a deep machine learning AI robot created […]

Instagram for Teens

Instagram for Teens, The Antioch Report

“What I can commit to you today is that no child between the ages of 10 to 12 — should we ever manage to build Instagram for 10- to 12-year-olds — will have access to that without explicit parental consent.” Adam Mosseri, CEO Instagram You might have already forgotten, but back in September there was a […]