Work From Home (WFH) Church Members

Work From Home (WFH) Church Members, The Antioch Report

Recent studies show that the shift to fully remote workplaces increased work productivity, decreased tendencies to procrastinate, enabled employees to take more frequent breaks, and motivated them to work slightly more per month (1.4 days). WFH is a concept that felt odd at the beginning of 2020, but now 2-years later is an expectation for […]

The Christmas Story

The Christmas Story, The Antioch Report

Christmas has become a worldwide holiday that many people, Christians and otherwise, celebrate around the 25th of December. What started this tradition, and in what way does it intersect with the Christian faith? Luke 2:4-19 is where all the “away in a manger” song variations come from. The virgin Mary was told to expect her […]

Barna Report: Millennials in America

Millennials in America, Barna, The Antioch Report

Barna’s new 62-page report* uncovers insights into the generation which has approximately 72.1 million people: Millennials. Barna’s report of the Millennial generation is broken into five main sections. Lifestyle Ideology and Politics Faith Worldview Considerations Millennial Connections  Generations Recap – When were they born? Boomers: 1946 -1965 (often divided into two separate categories – Baby […]

Haiti Ransom for 17 Missionaries is $17m

Haiti Ransom, Christian Aid Ministries Photo, Antioch Report

There are currently 17 people (16 people from the United States, one from Canada, including five children) being held for ransom in Haiti. 17 people, $17 million dollar ransom. It hurts to consider the situation they’re experiencing, exacerbated by the fact that the children are 8 months, 3 years, 6, 13, and 15.  It’s been […]