20 Million People Scan Unidentified Coinbase QR Code

20 Million People Scan Unidentified Coinbase QR Code, The Antioch Report

If you were watching the Super Bowl and saw the 60-second bouncing QR code, then you’re one in a million (more like 20 million). With Super Bowl ads nearing the $7M per 60-second territory, companies spend unbelievable amounts of money producing Hollywood-status quality commercials with movie stars and familiar faces. So Coinbase wanted to stand […]

LinksDAO Aims to Buy an IRL Golf Course w/Crypto

LinksDAO, The Antioch Report

In a short 48 hours, a community of crypto investors called LinksDAO (decentralized autonomous organization) minted over $10mil worth of NFTs. Holders of the NFT will have an organizational voice as to where the in-real-life golf course is bought, and the way it is run. NFT owners also get perks to the course and in […]