Astroworld, Travis Scott

Astroworld, Travis Scott, The Antioch Report

On November 5th, eight people were killed at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival. By now you’ve probably seen a bunch of different news sources saying a whole lot of different things surrounding the event. We’ll try to add clarity below. What happened? At the concert, the overloaded crowd of ~50,000 started to pile near the […]

The Separation of Church and Hollywood

Sex, Love, and Goop, The Antioch Report

If there’s one thing Netflix is an expert at – other than making money – it’s getting people all over the internet to talk about something until it goes viral. This time it’s Iron Man’s wife (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) engaging in sexological couple’s therapy in a show that can only be described as 100% Netflix. Netflix […]

Superman Puts One Foot Out Of The Closet

Superman's Name is Jon Now, Antioch Report

In an upcoming comic book issue, “Superman: Son of Kal-El”, DC will confirm that Jon Kent – son of Clark Kent and Lois Lane – is bisexual. Jon-El, the half-Kryptonian has inherited the title of Superman in a recent DC canon arc. Jon Kent isn’t the first superhero in the DC universe to come out, and he probably won’t […]

A Tale of Two Cancels

A Tale of Two Cancels, Antioch Report

In the past week, two big-names in sports and entertainment had headlines named after them for politically incorrect and/or culturally insensitive statements.  A New York Times article published emails written by Raiders former head coach Jon Gruden. The emails contained derogatory, racist, sexist, and homophobic language.  Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special, ‘The Closer’ saw backlash from trans employees at […]

Squid Game ≠ Playful Children’s Game

Squid Game ≠ Playful Children's Game, Antioch Report

“You are what you consume” takes on a whole new meaning in stream culture, and no, “Squid Game” is not an octopus eating contest. What is all the craze around the Korean produced Netflix series anyways?  Debt trapped gambling addict discovers a get-rich-quick opportunity right as he’s informed his daughter –of whom he no longer has […]

Kanye’s Donda Album: Is It Christian Music?

Kanye's Donda Album: Is It Christian Music, The Antioch Report

TL; DR: Kanye West’s anticipated Donda (named after his late Mother) album released on August 29 after being delayed several times since July 24, 2020.  In 2019, Kanye West released an album titled Jesus is King, which turnt the whole Christian Gospel Music world, causing a lot of people who weren’t previously Kanye fans to crowd […]