Why Good Bible Translations Can Be Trusted

Bible Translations, The Antioch Report

Bible translations are an important part of a Christian’s bible study. Some common favorites are NIV, ESV, or NASB, but there are countless more. In fact, the Bible has been translated into over 3,400 different languages, with over 100 in English!  Last week, Bible Gateway removed a popular Bible version that was not, in fact, […]

What Happened to Peloton

Peloton. The Antioch Report

Harrowing news puts Peloton back into the spotlight when nearly 3,000 people were laid off due to poor stock performance over the last 6 months. Peloton has been around for a while (founded in 2012), but it might as well have made its debut in early 2020 when gyms closed all over the world. Health-conscious […]