The Separation of Church and Hollywood

Sex, Love, and Goop, The Antioch Report

If there’s one thing Netflix is an expert at – other than making money – it’s getting people all over the internet to talk about something until it goes viral. This time it’s Iron Man’s wife (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) engaging in sexological couple’s therapy in a show that can only be described as 100% Netflix. Netflix […]

Facebook Into The Spiderverse

Facebook Enters the Spiderverse, Antioch Report

By this time next week, Facebook will change its name to keep in line with their branding identity and directional shift into the Spiderverse, um, I mean metaverse. Facebook wants to be relevant in 10 years, so it’s evolving. If you’re not familiar with web evolution, metaverse virtual spaces, and other semantic web words, think of […]

Toxic Tech

Toxic Tech, Antioch Report

The Wall Street Journal released an article detailing how Facebook-owned Instagram hid internal research on the damages of Social Media.  As this story breaks, it appears that FB executives gathered their own internal data on how teens and kids are negatively impacted by their product, yet chose not to release it and even denied it under oath at a congressional […]

Zoom Zoom Zoom

Zoom Zoom Zoom, Antioch Report

TL;DR: Zoom sales are cooling down which means stock value is dropping. The company will still go down in history as maybe the only winner in the pandemic with 2020 growth near 400%. In the iconic words of the great Homer Simpson, “D’oh!” As Zoom’s sales slow, their stocks drop; is it the end of […]

The Mitchells vs. The Machines IRL

The Mitchells vs. The Machines IRL, Antioch Report

Apple just announced a new privacy rollout whereby encrypted data of iPhone users (like Photos stored in iCloud) can be decrypted if a certain threshold of suspicious photo activity is surpassed by the user. Apple will begin using this new feature in hopes of flagging illegal child exploitation.    If you’ve seen the recent Netflix […]