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Barna Report: Millennials in America

Millennials in America, Barna, The Antioch Report

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Barna’s new 62-page report* uncovers insights into the generation which has approximately 72.1 million people: Millennials.

Barna’s report of the Millennial generation is broken into five main sections.

  1. Lifestyle
  2. Ideology and Politics
  3. Faith
  4. Worldview Considerations
  5. Millennial Connections 

Generations Recap – When were they born?

  1. Boomers: 1946 -1965 (often divided into two separate categories – Baby Boomers/Boomers 1 and Boomers 2 or Generation Jones).
  2. Gen X: 1966-1980
  3. Millennials: 1981-1996
  4. Gen Z: 1997-2012
  5. Generation Alpha: early 2010s – mid 2020s>
  6. Generation Beta: Babies born 2024 and beyond (yes, there’s a label for their generation already.

Raise your hand if you’ve never heard of 5 and 6. 🙋‍♂️

Why read the report?

“Among the many discoveries in these pages are revelations about Millennials concerning their struggle to nail down their purpose in life; the mental and emotional fragility of the generation; their appreciation for Jesus Christ and the Bible, but not for organized Christianity; and the daunting challenges they face with relationships.” – George Barna, 3

As a millennial, I can personally attest that we are the best do tend to relate to the issues described above. It’s never easy to paint a general brush, but I think it’s pretty close to spot on.

Millennials grew up with technology from early in life, and so the way they connect with others, form a personal worldview, and wrestle with faith and politics is different than previous generations.

And the children of Millennials, Generation Alpha, is being and will be raised in a manner directly influenced by Millennials’ comfort level with and wide use of modern technology.

Some quick bites from Barna’s report

  • A lot of millennials (3 out of 4) often feel anxious, depressed, or fearful.
  • 27% do not associate with any religious faith or tradition
  • 10% have a mostly negative or very negative view of Jesus Christ
  • 15% have a mostly or very negative view of Christianity
  • 14% have a mostly or very negative view of The Bible
  • 63% lean on emotions and advice from others to make moral decisions
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Daniel Berk

Daniel Berk

Daniel Berk is the Managing Editor at The Antioch Report. A student and teacher of the Bible, he is a lover of theology, church history, and... TV. Follow him on Twitter @danielcberk. Daniel and his wife Courtney reside with their Bernedoodle in Charleston, SC.

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