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Nadia Nods Yeah to OnlyFans

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Following her divorce and leaving the ministry, an ex-porn star is restarting her career on OnlyFans. Crystal DiGregorio (stage name Nadia Hilton) states,

“After porn, I did a 180 and became a Christian, and now, I just want to be me. Doing OnlyFans as a Christian, I know I’m going to have criticism. People are already telling me that I’m going to Hell, but the way I look at it is this — nobody in this world can send me to Hell, nobody. Only God can,” 

We still have whiplash from the other 180 OnlyFans pulled last month when they banned explicit content only to reinstate it 12 seconds later. Calls to de-platform pornographic content ultimately aims to protect vulnerable children, which is definitely a good idea. But what about the damage this stuff does to adults? 

Let’s Check some stats:

  • The porn industry’s annual revenue is more than the NFL, NBA and MLB combined. It is also more than the combined revenues of ABC, CBS and NBC.
  • Pornography use increases the marital infidelity rate by more than 300%.
  • Eleven is the average age that a child is first exposed to porn, and 94% of children will see porn by the age of 14.
  • 68% of churchgoing men and more than 50% of pastors view porn on a regular basis. Of young Christian adults 18-24 years old, 76% actively search for porn.
  • Only 7% of pastors say their church has a program to help people struggling with pornography.

There’s a lot to unpack here. The Bible contains a sexual ethic that most churches and Christian parents teach on some level. So much time and energy is spent arguing on what the ethic is, but what about discovering why the ethic is good or helpful? Here’s some interesting stats that reinforce Biblical claims. Studies have found that: 

  • Sex is better in marriage
  • Sex is better among religious or spiritual couples
  • Sex is not better if you cohabit 

However, Christians are struggling with porn addiction and sexual abuse nearly on-par with the secular world. DiGregorio’s story shows that there is a misunderstanding of why God’s plan for sex was a good one. It also shows that a lot of people are ready to cast her off to the pit of hell apparently…maybe we should also read Luke 8 where Jesus chose to approach the woman caught in adultery instead of trying to separate himself from her. 

Marriage is a holy union and sex is a gift from God. But two things are true – you can hold the Biblical sexual ethic without separating from (or damning) a world that’s a little confused.

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Angela Aliff

Angela Aliff

Angela Aliff is a staff writer at The Antioch Report, a content strategist, and owner of Evident Co. Aside from a diagnosable book problem, she enjoys spending time with her husband and 3 kids.

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