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Gary Vee and Mark Zuckerberg Video, The Antioch Report
Daniel Berk

Gary Vee Drops a Metaverse

On November 11, Gary Vaynerchuk jumped on a video call with Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg to discuss all things Web 3 and Metaverse. “The atomic

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Millennials in America, Barna, The Antioch Report
Daniel Berk

Barna Report: Millennials in America

Barna’s new 62-page report* uncovers insights into the generation which has approximately 72.1 million people: Millennials. Barna’s report of the Millennial generation is broken into

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Astroworld, Travis Scott, The Antioch Report
Daniel Berk

Astroworld, Travis Scott

On November 5th, eight people were killed at Travis Scott’s Astroworld music festival. By now you’ve probably seen a bunch of different news sources saying

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Happy Veterans Day, The Antioch Report
Angela Aliff

Happy Veteran’s Day

Today marks the 83rd celebration of Veterans Day. We decided one of the best ways to honor all veterans is to take the time to

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