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iRobot Meets Early Childhood Development

iRobot Meets Early Childhood Development, Moxie, The Antioch Report

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“During an unprecedented time of remote learning and increased isolation due to the pandemic, Moxie helps children practice essential social skills at home.” – Embodied.com

Because you’re dying to watch the video referred to in the intro to this newsletter, here.

Moxie, shown in the GIF above, is a deep machine learning AI robot created to interact autonomously with children. Many smart home devices, like the Amazon Alexa, use “wake words”. If you want to ask the smart device something, you say “Hey, Google“, or “Alexa“, which activates the microphone on the device so you can continue to speak to it.

Not so with Moxie.

Moxie has algorithms built for “turn-taking”, which uses AI that mimics always-on engagement, building in deep-learning two-way conversational pauses to create life-like humanoid dialogue. (Layman’s terms: you can have long, complex conversations with the robot as though it were a real human).

Moxie even makes conversational mistakes, learns, and remembers things about you. It also forms a unique personality over time with constant use.

This video explains further what features the conversational AI allow and why children might benefit from social learning by having Moxie in their homes.

Like anything futuristic and somewhat shocking such as this, the comments on YouTube are all over the place.

  • As a guy who suffered severe social anxiety issues as a kid all the way ’til I was a young adult, I would have LOVED to have something like this in my life to help bridge that gap I was missing all those years. This looks incredible. AI has so much potential to work as an aid toward conditioning key social skills, empathy, etc. It reminds me of a dog that speaks the same language as you; always there, always supportive. Just seems like it has a lot of potential to keep your spirits up and make you a better person.”
  • “So basically we created a robot to teach kids the skills to interact with other people. Am I missing something here?”
  • “Alright now make one for adults and can give the girlfriend/wife experience. Keep the voice, face and body the same, just give it some flirtatious things to say. I will pay literally any price for that.”

We’ll stop before the comments get any wilder.

Moxie comes complete with a parent mobile app, which provides data and analytics into the conversations your children have with Moxie, a connected kids portal, and ability to update with new content and features over time.

Will this use of technology aid in raising “a child in the way they should go” (Proverbs 22:6), or hinder spiritual growth during childhood development?

Needless to say, the applications of robotic deep machine learning will have countless uses for our children and their children for generations to come.

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Daniel Berk

Daniel Berk

Daniel Berk is the Managing Editor at The Antioch Report. A student and teacher of the Bible, he is a lover of theology, church history, and... TV. Follow him on Twitter @danielcberk. Daniel and his wife Courtney reside with their Bernedoodle in Charleston, SC.

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